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0% or More of Drivers Have No Insurance

By March 27, 2018Personal Insurance


Protect yourself and your family with adequate uninsured and underinsured motorist limits . Nearly one in eight U.S. motorists is driving around uninsured and putting insured drivers at greater risk in the event of an auto accident. When an uninsured driver is at fault in an accident, insured drivers or their insurance companies often are left to pay for the resulting physical damage and health costs. Similarly, an underinsured driver may not have high enough policy limits to cover all costs of damage. The average cost of an uninsured motorist claim is about $20,000, excluding any physical damage to the vehicle. Despite the fact that 49 states require car insurance, some drivers choose to drive without coverage. It is a good idea for motorists to have the same amount of uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage as bodily injury coverage, but how are there liability limits adequate to compensate in this scenario?

In 5 States, 20% or More of Drivers Have No Insurance; Countrywide Average Increases