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Donegal’s Distracted Driving Blog

Zendrive’s 3-month analysis of 3-million anonymous drivers, who made 570-million trips and covered 5.6-billion miles found:
•Drivers use their phones during 88 out of 100 trips

Here’s another scary thing: Traffic deaths have shot off the charts in the last two years. As phones have become commonplace, how have they affected our everyday behaviors? Most importantly, do they impact how safely we perform seemingly mundane tasks, like driving a car?

This winter, Zendrive’s team of data scientists and policy experts dug into our 10-billion mile data set to see what we can learn about phone use behind the wheel.

We started with some commonsense assumptions:
•Distracted driving is dangerous
•Phone use behind the wheel is distracting, no matter what you’re doing
•Even a few seconds focused on your phone instead of the road can have dire consequences
•Everyone has phones
•U.S. traffic deaths are rising and distracted driving is contributing to this increase
•Phone use is very difficult for crash investigators to capture

What we didn’t know is how frequently drivers are using their phones when they are behind the wheel, at least until now.