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Offering delivery? Read this first…

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the country, the impact businesses are facing is unprecedented with never before seen restrictions on daily life. With prevention and containment efforts well underway, our restaurants are being hit hard by governmental authorities restricting access to their business and only allowing takeout and delivery at this time. Faced with this new challenge, many restaurants are not prepared to offer delivery options but are working hard to adapt their business. In their efforts to help feed America, theses restaurants are being forced to either use the owner’s or employee’s personally owned vehicles to deliver, which was never before part of their operation. Restaurants are advised to consult with their insurance agent on any possible exposures that would negatively affect the restaurant if there were to be any property damage or bodily harm caused by the vehicles. Insurance companies across the country have developed a short term, affordable “Hired Non Owned Auto” insurance program specialized to cover restaurants now offering a delivery option to their customers.

Benefits :
• In house authority with quick turnaround
• Insurance limits options of $300 K , $500 K , $1 M
• 3 or 6 months short term policies
• MVR screening by the carrier

Whether considering additional coverage or not, its always advisable for restaurants to screen drivers and use “Best Practices for Food Delivery.”

Thank you for feeding America.


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