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We cover General Contractors

Everyone loves the Artisans but no so if you’re the general. Let us help you protect your trade, reputations and life style with insurance and risk transfer guidance.
A general contractor hired a masonry contractor to build a retaining wall around the front of a newly constructed dwelling. While building the wall, a pedestrian stepped on a stone that was to be used in the wall and broke his ankle. The masonry contractor’s policy paid $7,500 for negligence, and the general contractor’s policy paid $5,000 for failing to provide a safe workplace.

A general contractor hired a roofing contractor to re-roof an office building. When the roof was open during construction, an unexpected thunderstorm occurred, causing $15,000 in damage. The subcontracted roofer had general liability coverage that expired two days earlier, so no coverage was in force at the time of the loss. The general contractor’s policy responded in the amount of $15,000.

Situations like the above illustrate why general contractors cannot only rely on additional insured status from subcontractors and why a general contractor should be very careful when purchasing a policy that contains subcontractor limitations or exclusions. In the second claims example, these types of exclusions would have resulted in no coverage for the general contractor. General contractors have an exposure on every job they do!

Are appetite includes but is not limited to:

• Risks that subcontract up to 100% of their work
• Commercial construction
• Residential construction including new construction and remodeling
• higher risk contractors like tract home and condo construction
• New ventures