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Are “motor vehicles” NOT required to be registerd with the DMV covered?

By August 27, 2019July 3rd, 2023No Comments

Most homeowner’s policies only cover “motor vehicles” not required to be registered for use on public roads if they are being used exclusively to maintain the premises or to assist the handicapped. A “motor vehicle” can be an ATV, UTV, golf cart, dirt bike, scooter or even a tractor/mower. Once the unlicensed vehicle leaves the physical premises or the insured uses it recreationally on the premises, liability, comprehensive and collision coverage, are often excluded from the homeowner’s policies. Our ATV/Motorcycle insurance program provides coverage for liability, physical damage and med pay for the insured and passengers. Don’t assume you are covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. Fill your potential “coverage gap” with an affordable policy with flexible options catered to your off road needs.